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We'll help you:

  1. Build solutions that buyers actually need.

  2. Win your first customers.

  3. Raise your first funding round.

Aerial View of a Drone

Our Mission

We are a non-profit social enterprise helping biodiversity-tech entrepreneurs build and scale the  data and tools needed to protect the variety of species and ecosystems.



Our goal is to help you to "discover" your successful biodiversity startup, win your first customers and raise your first round. Take our free certificate training course, use our free resources and access our networks of biodiversity buyers and investors.

Marine Biologist

Win Customers

Discover what buyers value and need. Build value propositions that resonate with buyers, and business models that are viable. Test mockups and prototypes with potential buyers to discover their "hair on fire" challenges and your unfair advantage.

Data Processing

Secure Funding

From startup grants to prototype development grants, pre-seed, angel investment to Series A. Learn what other biodiversity entrepreneurs are doing to get their startups funded.

Meet the Funders

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BlueSwell Accelerator from SeaAhead

Julia Pangan, Program Manager

Volunteer With Us

Social Media Volunteer

Manage our social media channels 


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