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Robotics Engineers

Customer Discovery Network

Getting feedback from potential customers is a critical part of the journey towards achieving product-market fit and establishing a successful business.

Biodiversity startups that meet our qualification criteria will be introduced to relevant decision-makers in our customer discovery network. These senior contacts will give you early feedback to help you decide whether to pursue your existing concept, or pivot to a new one.

Our Qualification Criteria

People within our Customer Discovery Network are senior decision makers and influencers at large organizations worldwide. We need to ensure that their time with our startups is used efficiently and effectively. To that end, we use the following decision criteria to select which startups may be introduced to the network:

  1. Are you early enough in the process? If you have already invested in building a prototype it is probably too late.

  2. Can you clearly articulate a problem definition and value proposition for the current concept? This is what you will be testing during the discussion / presentation.

  3. Do you have a clear and testable hypothesis? What are your pass / fail criteria for the hypothesis?

  4. Do you have or are you prepared to quickly create a "mock-up" as part of the hypothesis test? At this stage of concept development you need to be able and prepared to take risks, present rapidly developed mock-ups, and trash them if necessary.

  5. Can you clearly articulate who you need to speak to and at what type of organization? Have you developed a "buyer" persona or "buying circle"?

If you can say "yes" to at least 80% of the above then please get in touch!

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