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Most biodiversity entrepreneurs come from a background in the natural sciences. The world of business, finance and startups is alien and can often be overwhelming. This section is here to help you learn quickly about what really matters for getting your startup off the ground, focusing on the things most likely to "move the needle".

As with everything else, the forum probably has some of your best answers!

The Certificate in Biodiversity Entrepreneurship

A free resource to prove your business startup credentials.

The Certificate in Biodiversity Entrepreneurship is a free 10-module online training course with a multiple choice exam at the end which you must pass in order to achieve certification. 

The goal of the course is help first-time entrepreneurs to quickly understand the most important aspects of the startup phase. Spending your time consuming MBA materials will not help your startup succeed. Understanding the importance of experimentation, customer discovery, pivoting and the funding journey will be far more effective.

The course has been created and is presented by Mike Kelly, founder of and multiple internationally successful businesses, including the Channel Institute.

Achieving certification status proves to Incubators, Accelerators and Investors that you take the business side of your startup as seriously as the scientific. It builds your credibility and demonstrates your commitment to building a business, not just a project.

Learn about the ten modules here.

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