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Funding Pitches

Track 1: Get Investor Ready

Track 2: Pitch to Qualified Biodiversity Investors Worldwide

Qualify for feedback from our team and then showcase your offering and funding needs to a group of qualified biodiversity investors from around the world. These impact angel and VC investors are actively seeking projects in which they can invest to contribute to a more nature-positive world.

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

Investor Pitches


Get Investor Ready

Every quarter we run a virtual judging panel with six biodiversity startups. Our team of investor experts will review your deck, hear your pitch and provide feedback. The top three will be offered the chance to pitch to our investor network.


Pitch Qualified Investors

Our investor network is comprised of organizations and individuals that have previously invested in biodiversity, carbon, climatetech, greentech and similar nature-positive startups. 

Meet Some of the Investors

Register to Pitch

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Next Pitching Session

The next session for pitching to investors is expected to be Q4 2004. It will be held online and after a review of applications four biodiversity startups will be invited to pitch.

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