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Seed Funding

Securing funding for your startup is a journey. Funding is usually a continuum starting with small amounts from competitions, personal funds, friends and family. The next stage (prior to raising "seed funding" or "Series A") might be from angel investors, crowd-sharing, tax-based incentive programs, government agencies, or a combination of all of these. Then you move into the realm of the "big boys"! Learn about some of your Seed and "Series A" options both here and on the forum.

Asserts itself as the first venture firm dedicated to biodiversity.

An open investment platform for transforming our economic models and market systems in partnership with our most critical earth systems.

We share resources and provide selected 
EU-funded companies with support to become investor ready.

We partner with companies at the Seed and pre-Series A Stages. Besides our capital, the main value is our experience, active support and collaboration with the founders. 

We invest in early-stage companies that develop innovative technologies and business models to mitigate climate change and embrace this challenge as an enormous business opportunity.

We are supporting ready-to-scale start-ups active in Europe, Israel, or USA whose mission is to accelerate the energy transition and decarbonize society.

Another EIS firm for the UK, although they appear to focus more on "seed" than "pre-seed". Syndicates investments coming from a network of over 500 angel investors, SEIS and EIS funds, and other national and international funding alternatives.

HTGF is a seed investor for innovative technologies and business models. We are successful in supporting the best founders whose ideas can revolutionize entire industries and improve people’s lives – from the foundation of a start-up to its exit.

A €50M venture fund with a focus on novel climatetech at seed stage in Ireland.

Demeter is a major European player in venture capital, private equity and infrastructure for the energy and ecological transition. Its funds invest from €1m to €30m to support companies in the sector at all stages of their development.

A significant investor in climate-related solutions. Antler partners with exceptional founders across six continents to launch and scale startups that address meaningful opportunities and challenges.

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