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Biodiversity Credits & Your Business Model

Biodiversity credits are an emerging and potentially valuable phenomenon for biodiversity startups. Although currently available in the UK and Australia, they are not yet an option in the EU. Carbon credits are an intrinsic part of many carbon-focused startups and the same may prove true for biodiversity startups as well. This section keeps track of developments in biodiversity credits and how biodiversity startups around the world might use these as a reliable stream of income. Learn what other biodiversity entrepreneurs are saying about this in the forum.

Biodiversity Credit Sources, Programs and Updates

This is a general introduction to biodiversity credits and some of the companies involved. You will find more specific information and examples in the forum.

Each biodiversity credit represents permanent biodiversity contributions such as pest reduction or conservation and habitat protection in a specific area for a certain amount of time. These relatively new units can be used to finance actions that result in measurable positive outcomes for biodiversity.

PV Nature is Plan Vivo’s Biodiversity Standard, aimed at generating the first high-integrity biodiversity certificates that deliver robust and credible outcomes for nature alongside social and climate benefits.  

Milkywire is a charitable giving platform empowering all to make an impact on the world's most pressing problems.

"Give One"

Give One makes it easier for consumers, retailers, and partners to come together and help solve the planet health crisis.

Sells high-integrity, science-backed Biodiversity Credits to companies looking to balance their climate impact and fulfill corporate reporting obligations.

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