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Sources of Funding

Learn about the sources of funding available for biodiversity startups.

Access our ever-expanding list of grants for biodiversity startup companies. From ideation to prototype to feasibility categories, we aim to cover them all. As this list grows we plan to organize them by category, country and region so check back regularly for updates (and sign up for the newsletter updates!). 

Before you dive into Incubators and Accelerators, you need to understand the difference. Incubators focus on early-phase startups that are in the customer discovery phase and do not have a fully developed concept or business model. These early-stage startups are the primary focus of as this is the phase where the entrepreneurs and their startups are really trying to find their feet.

There are a wide array of startup competitions at various stages of development, from ideation to scaling. As we expand this list we plan to categorize them for easier navigation so check back regularly (and join the mailing list for updates).

Securing funding for your startup is a journey. Funding is usually a continuum starting with small amounts from competitions, personal funds, friends and family. The next stage (prior to raising "seed funding" or "Series A") might be from angel investors, crowd-sharing, tax-based incentive programs, government agencies, or a combination of all of these. 

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