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Startup Incubators

Before you dive into Incubators and Accelerators, you need to understand the difference. Incubators focus on early-phase startups that are in the customer discovery phase and do not have a fully developed concept or business model. These early-stage startups are the primary focus of as this is the phase where the entrepreneurs and their startups are really trying to find their feet.


Accelerators focus on later-stage startups, speeding up the growth and scale of existing companies that already have a minimum viable product (MVP) in the hands of early adopters with an established product-market fit.

Below you can explore some nature-positive startup Incubators around the world that might be a fit. As the industry progresses there are likely to be more biodiversity-specific Incubators and Accelerators springing up. The most up to date information will always be in the forum.

Biodiversity-oriented Startup Incubators

Most incubators have a generic focus, but there are an increasing number that are primarily focused on climate, natural capital and biodiversity. Accelerators tend to be more sector-specific.

A new program that appears to be somewhere between a traditional Incubator and Accelerator. Singapore-based. Let's hope it catches on and more appear!

A 10-week Venture Program for passionate entrepreneurs and ecological experts focusing on monetizing biodiversity in forests.

UK Incubator for anyone working on a sustainable business idea who wants to take this to the next level.

The program dedicated to agricultural entrepreneurship.

We are seeking bluetech founders that are at an early stage of their innovation journey, with a focus on those that have taken in little-to-no outside capital or are in the pre-seed stage.

Impact Incubator - Climate Tech is a seven-month incubator for Climate Tech solutions. We support early-stage impact entrepreneurs with stipends and tailored business coaching.

Ireland's startup and incubator program. New Frontiers is ideal for first-time founders who want to build their startup toolkit, learn about the Irish startup ecosystem, and grow their professional network. 

Sting Incubate is (up to) an 18-month program that will get you from prototype to launch and prepare you for the next steps on your startup journey.

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