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Startup Grants

Access our ever-expanding list of grants for biodiversity startup companies. From ideation to prototype to feasibility categories, we aim to cover them all. As this list grows we plan to organize them by category, country and region so check back regularly for updates (and sign up for the newsletter updates!). The most up to date information will always be in the forum.

Nature-Positive Grants

The following is a list of sources for nature-positive grants. We will refine and categorize this over time as we expand the list. Remember, just because your startup is currently based in a different country does not mean you cannot qualify for the grant. You may simply be able to create a registered office in the target country and immediately qualify. The same applies for competitions and pre-seed funding (e.g. the UK's SEIS & EIS tax incentive funding).

A searchable database of grants and funding from the EU for nature positive startups.

The Nature and Biodiversity sub-programme will aim at the protection and restoration of Europe’s nature and halting and reversing biodiversity loss.

Unlocking the potential of nature to deliver climate solutions and improve livelihoods. Apply for Research Grant Competition (RGC2) now.

OWGP Innovation Grants are aimed at delivering new products, services, and technologies into the offshore wind market through thematic funding competitions supported by Offshore Wind Developers.

Typically, our grants will fund research, concept validation or business setup costs.

EIC has many three main grant programs. Pathfinder is the emerging stage program supporting the earliest stages of scientific, technological or deep-tech R&D.

Italian program created to accelerate the maturation of Climate Tech and sustainability projects and maximize their potential.

Program for startups based (or planning to base) in Ireland. Enterprise Ireland supports innovative start-ups with international growth potential and ambition. 

Nordics based. The purpose of the Pioneer Innovator Grant Sustainability & Health is to accelerate the commercialisation of research findings and the development of novel technologies within sustainability or health. 

EU grants for environment and climate related opportunities, including "Innovate 4 Nature" Award.

If you are an innovative SME, you can apply to Innowwide for a grant of 60,000 euro to assess the viability of your research or commercial ambitions in international markets.

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